It’s Your Brand. Hear It Roar.

Music is unrivaled in its power to deliver emotional potency and deep resonance. It commands attention, arouses intrigue, conveys authenticity and engenders engagement. This is why when sound is aligned to brand, message effectiveness increases by as much as 60-percent.*

Service Tiers

Sonic Branding

Sonic branding, like visual branding, captures and communicates your brand’s essence, values, and personality. A signature sound for your company is a custom creation that, done well, gives you a competitive advantage.

We help you create a distinctive, professionally crafted musical footprint for all of your assets.

Our 3-Step Process

01. Discover & Define

We kick things off with brand discovery — a deep dive into your products and/or services to learn about your mission, values, culture, competition, and customers. Simultaneously, we do an audio audit of all your existing music and sounds to understand what your customer hears when interacting with your brand.

02. Compose & Create

From there, we move into crafting your brand’s musical footprint, which includes all the auditory elements — sounds, melody, instrumentation, rhythms, etc. Through a series of workshops, we design, develop and refine your sonic identity, including a sonic logo that expresses the heart of your brand.

03. Implement

Consistent sonic touchpoints convey and reinforce your core brand attributes, from friendliness and trustworthiness to authenticity, reliability, and relatability. We build and launch a custom, comprehensive audio ecosystem that embeds your brand’s sound into concrete applications, including on-hold music, videos, advertising, events music, branded content — all to enhance and enrich the customer experience.

Branding Your Podcast

The explosion in podcast popularity over the past decade is a stunning testament to the success of audio-first platforms. As the marketplace grows and competition increases, branding your podcast with the right audio strategy is critical to forge deeper, lasting connections with your audience.

We create unique music and sounds that enhance your storytelling and make your programming unforgettable.

Our Personalized Podcast Approach

We help you infuse your content with auditory interest and an unmistakable signature at all critical junctures, including the intro, outro, and break-up segments. Taking a deep dive into your subject matter, mission, values, culture, competition, and listeners, we ensure your music and sounds uniquely reflect your podcast’s personality.

The resulting audio package encompasses the various audio elements, creating harmonious sounds that emphasize your brand’s values and emotions and deliver to your audience an enjoyable, impactful listening experience.

User Experience (UX) isn’t just a marketing buzzword

It’s a crucial ingredient of brand marketing that puts the audience’s needs first. And the auditory aspects of the user interface (UI), known as earcons or functional sounds, are a significant component of your strategy.

We create distinctive suites of audio sounds to help your customers better interact with your technology, enhancing their satisfaction with your products or services.

Sounds Like a Great User Experience

We help you deliver a welcoming experience by carefully looking at each phase of your customer journey. The key is to ensure that your brief audio messages strike a pleasant emotional chord while creating a natural connection between what’s happening and what the user should do or can expect.

From notifications to interactive sounds, we can develop a palette of audio tones for your digital experience that would get Alexa’s and Siri’s seals of approval for an exceptional user experience.

Can you recognize these UX sounds?

Music Makes Your Brand Soar

By combining unique tones, beats, and notes, a custom composition expresses your company’s ethos, values, and culture and activates the most lasting sensory experience: hearing.

We create engaging, authentic, and enriching sounds and musical compositions that empower you to elevate your overall brand experience.

Our Custom Composition Services

Our traditionally trained musicians and skilled technologists work in concert to create an overarching auditory experience that makes emotional connections and moves your audience to respond to their feelings — and your cues.

Whether your goal is to deepen your brand’s emotional resonance, make your content instantly recognizable, or create a specific atmosphere for an environment or event, we work with a variety of genres and styles. No matter your creative need, timeline, or budget, we’re your partner in original compositions.

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1.) Spotify Ad Recall study from 2013 (