It’s Your Brand. Hear It Roar.

Music is unrivaled in its power to deliver emotional potency and deep resonance. It commands attention, arouses intrigue, conveys authenticity and engenders engagement. This is why when sound is aligned to brand, message effectiveness increases by as much as 60-percent.*

Sonic Branding

The power of music and sound transcends language, culture and all things visual, which makes sonic branding a significant part of an effective marketing strategy. It pays off too, as sonic branding signatures can be more recognizable than company logos or even spokespeople.

The process of distilling your brand into a few seconds of sound is equal parts art and science – and is our forte.

We’ve made the process of investing in your brand’s sonic identity simple with three different offerings, based on your needs… or even how quickly you want to roll-out a sonic identity across your portfolio of brand assets.

Service Tiers

Brand Discovery

Start with our brand discovery workshop as we want to know everything about you, your mission, values, environment, competitors, key target audience… We will bombard you with questions!

This brand briefing and analysis will help us better understand your personality and attributes that define who you are.

Sonic Identity

Start with a Sonic Signature that translates into sound and music that captures the emotional attributes of your brand. The Signature serves as an internal reference and guidance for any musical interaction points with your target audience.

Add to your Sonic Signature with a Sonic Logo that embodies the heart of your brand. It conveys meaning and personality and heightens recognition. Your Sonic Logo is unique and exclusive to your brand, reflecting its essence and attributes.

As an example, hear what we came up with for our own brand whose attributes are thoughtful, sophisticated, focused and joyful.

Audio Universe

Your audio universe is a complete audio ecosystem of assets that include your Sonic Logo and Sonic Signature and articulates your bespoke sound + music strategy and applications in a manual of Sonic Identity Branding Guidelines.

The manual is perfect for use by your internal marketing team, investor relations, partners, ad agencies, PR firms and other brand collaborators and makes clear how to consistently use and incorporate your brand’s musical footprint throughout all of your communication touch points.

As you produce more audio content for your brand, OJC can accompany you by composing and producing any type of audio content needed to extend your Sonic Identity, no matter the application – for example, music for promotional and marketing materials, including YouTube advertisements, hold music, website splash page, TV and/or radio ad campaigns, corporate and/or training video music, animation, etc.

These three examples illustrate how our custom crafted Sonic Signature can be adapted to various music genres and/or moods to fit the moment and still be musically consistent with the brand.

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1.) Spotify Ad Recall study from 2013 (