Now is the time to reflect and perfect

While the coronavirus pandemic presents businesses with countless novel challenges, this new normal also provides the perfect opportunity to look back at your brand strategy and make thoughtful decisions for the future.

Whether you’re overrun with orders or you’re slowing production and sales in response to the pandemic, this is the ideal time to double down on your brand positioning in your market and to consider, among other things, how sound and music play a role in reaffirming that desired position. Questions to ask yourself when taking stock of your brand’s sonic identity include:

  • Is it consistent with my brand values?
  • Are the sonic themes associated with my brand unique and original?
  • Do my music and sounds leave a memorable imprint on my customers?

As sonic branding strategists, OJC is pleased to offer you an audio brand audit, to help you define your audio ecosystem and reflect on how sound can be used to engage your audience, provide useful context for your products and brand, and express a unique and captivating brand identity.

And before you ask, YES, it is free of charge!

What is an audio brand audit?

It’s a comprehensive inspection of your audio brand’s marketing efforts, which includes everything a customer hears when interacting with your brand.

Through a thorough analysis of your audio touch points across your communication platforms, we will diagnose your audio universe as it exists today, and guide you through the process of assessing to what extent these touch points deliver a coherent and valuable aural experience.


OJC will deliver comprehensive data and unique insight into your brand’s audio identity in one user-friendly report, giving you the building blocks to create a truly distinctive and consistent audio brand across every consumer touchpoint.

Our final report will include an audio road map that depict the health of your brand’s current audio assets, and answering questions such as:

1. Do they fit the brand?
2. Are they consistent throughout?

Through this process, you’ll be able to visually identify which efforts are paying off, and where there is room to improve your communication through sound and tune it with your brand’s personality.

Ready for the next step?

If your brand’s audio identity is in need of an audit, please email me to arrange a meeting for further details.

I look forward to continuing the conversation with you.

Olivier Jamin Changeart

Founder – OJC Artisan of Sound

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Disclaimer: OJC reserves the right to refuse this offer depending on its capacity and availability to complete the audio audit.