Case Study:


Hubu is a young promising startup whose mission is to create human experiences by unifying organizations through memorable team building experiences.

While working on their brand identity, Hubu had a vision to implement sound design as a living and significant part of the brand and the overall customer experience.

“We create human experiences, and connecting people is all about being together” says Gabriel, one of the founder.  “Music allows just that. It was crucial for us to have our own and unique sound that defines who we are as a brand: human, energetic and playful”.


The brand’s name is derived from the African “ubuntu” philosophy. It means “I am because we are”.

The instrumentation and dynamism of the sonic identity reflect Hubu’s story, that is deeply rooted in the African continent.

A bright vibrant timbre, along with a catchy melody and active tempo bring some joy and passion to the sonic theme and highlight the energetic and playful personality of the brand.

Tribal voices accompaniment emphasize Hubu’s mission, which is to induce sincere connection between individuals

Benefit | Results

Hubu’s first creation is a 4 minute long ‘Anthem Song’ which will be the foundation of a true audio experience during Hubu’s team building retreats.

This original music piece has been designed to be flexible enough to be adapted in length for various sonic scenarios.

Hubu is ready to deploy its sonic DNA in the future, with video content such as promotional videos and podcasts.

I would definitely recommend OJC. For the professionalism of Olivier and his commitment in creating something world-class and unique for us. Olivier has the ability to transform complexity into simplicity. Even though we were new to this process of creating a sonic identity, it was very straightforward to us and the answers came quickly. Thanks to OJC for a true masterpiece adapted to our brand attributes.

Gabriel RenaudCo-founder of Hubu