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We are musicians first and foremost, and we specialize in translating your voice, message and values into a lyrical expression of your brand’s personality that speaks volumes about who you are and what you stand for.

Crafted just for you

We start at the heart of your brand

Blended Disciplines

Unique sonic identity creation requires artistic alchemy: traditional music training, distinct sounds from diverse cultures and leading-edge technology.

Accessible Uniqueness

Bespoke sonic branding is your right – without exorbitant expense or protracted turnaround times. With our expertise and client-focused service model, we deliver on time and within budget.

Comprehensive Services

A dedicated sound artisan to strategize, compose and produce your sonic identity assets provides consistency, flexibility and efficiency.

Change. Art. It's in our name.

Olivier Jamin Changeart

Music is the creative thread that flows through Olivier Jamin Changeart’s multi-faceted career. A classically trained, talented pianist, he has a life-long dedication to the many virtues of music and a passion for using his craft to strike strong emotional chords with the audiences he serves.

Olivier dedicated a decade of his early career to the physics of sound, working as an acoustic engineer. By carefully elevating only the most important sounds, he created sonic environments that met specific requirements for a variety of industries and and architectural projects – including for the prestigious Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

Hungry to take a deeper dive into the concrete aspects of structure and design, he moved to the U.S. to pursue a degree at Boston Architectural College. His thesis, “Architecture of the Ears,” underscored his long-standing commitment to nurture sound and use it as an ornament that in fine contributes to the overall experience of a space.

In 2017, Olivier embarked on a collaboration with a New York City fashion designer to craft an “extraordinary journey into sound, movement, and emotional intensity.” The result both buoyed the designer’s collection and propelled Olivier into a natural culmination of all of his technical and artistic endeavors: bespoke sonic identity creation.

With the heart of an artisan and the skills of a sophisticated sound architect, Olivier launched OJC Artisan of Sound to make it accessible and affordable for brands and organizations to connect with their customers authentically through the power of music + sound.

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