Case Study:
Ovid Therapeutics

The Challenge: Connecting Beyond Words

Ovid Therapeutics, a New York City-based biotech company, boldly transforms the lives of those with rare neurological diseases.

With their visual brand in place, the Ovid team hoped to establish long-lasting, positive connections through another dimension: sound.

Amit Rakhit, president of Ovid says: “Many individuals have an emotional and profound connection with sound — and so it seemed obvious for us to create a sonic identity which would add to the ways people can recognize Ovid and the work we do.”

He contacted OJC Artisan of Sound to create a recognizable musical DNA that embodies the innovation, passion, and drive for excellence that are the cornerstones of the brand’s culture.

Our Solution: Unearthing the Sound of Optimism

Through a series of workshops, OJC and Ovid aligned on sound direction to translate the brand’s core pillars — optimism, passion, imagination, and tenacity — into musical terms.

Orchestration and vocals accompany the main piano melody and reinforce Ovid’s mission to touch the lives of individuals in the healthcare and patient community.

The sonic identity also incorporates arpeggiators into the background. These motion-textured pads and plucky sounds illuminate the brand’s science-driven and progressive aspects.

The Result: An Unparalleled Auditory Experience

Ovid’s personality is clear, but also multi-faceted. Their sonic theme’s main melody served as an ‘earprint’ to create various sonic adaptations, allowing flexibility to enact a wide range of audio applications, such as:

  • Audio elements for their podcast series
  • Modular sets of audio beds to provide music for a range of internal and external brand videos

Olivier consistently surpasses every expectation. Not only is his ability to transform even the smallest sentiment shared during sessions into music nothing short of extraordinary, the professionalism and service he provides is second to none. Olivier’s thoughtfulness and creativity are what brought our team’s vision into a reality. He’s willing to go above and beyond to make your sound identity truly unique to your organization and we are grateful for his work.

Sophia CacciatorePatient Advocacy at Ovid Therapeutics