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Although most marketers understand visual branding using images, colors, logos, and powerful taglines to communicate with their customers, very few understand that it is possible to use sounds and music to bring value to a brand.

“In recent years, consumer purchase decisions have become more weighted towards emotional attributes rather than functional benefits” explains Ruth Simmons, Managing Director of strategic music consultancy SongSeekers International. “As we become increasingly ‘high tech’, we crave personalization and ‘high touch’. Subsequently, experienced-based marketing that focuses on communicating the emotional values of Brands is the current trend and way forward.”

And music has an incredible power to trigger these emotions: without any other stimulus, music can access a mood, emotion, and deeply move a consumer in just a few seconds.

Eric Sheinkop, President/CEO of Music Dealers and co-author of How Music Builds Value for the World’s Smartest Brands wrote:

“Music brings value to a brand in three ways: identity, engagement, currency”

So let me be more explicit and explain to you why I think this is totally relevant to me.


A sonic identity reinforces the visual identity of a brand and allows to create a connection with its targeted audience at a far deeper and emotional level.


Once created, the signature sound of the brand should be used embedded in a consistent way throughout all the audio visual marketing touch points. CONSISTENCY is key to start associating a voice to a brand into people’s minds.

By doing this, the enriched brand identity triggers more frequent engagement, generates emotions, creates excitement and increases the sympathy towards the brand.


When people are engaged, they become the ambassadors of the brand.

So working with a musical brand strategist to find the right sound that fits the brand will automatically reach a bigger audience than other comparative marketing tools.

Using audio is a way to break through the clutter of the visual-centric world and reach people on another, perhaps DEEPER LEVEL.

 If a brand is not present in these new gardens of growth, it might be behind other companies that have put thought and effort into SONIC BRANDING. 

Olivier Jamin Changeart

Olivier Jamin Changeart

Founder & President, OJC, Artisan of Sound