Case Study:
Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce


The Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce was launched in 2018, with a very clear mission: to cultivate inclusive relationships between LGBT-owned and allied businesses and the corporate sector that drive economic impact throughout the Commonwealth.

Building upon a series of significant initial successes, the Chamber wanted to further
heighten their visibility and clarify their message, starting with a brand new positioning and branding process. They reach out to OJC Artisan of Sound to add to their branding tool box a third dimension – SOUND – to go beyond what’s expected for an identity.


OJC followed its unique in house strategic and creative process building off the key Chamber’s representative attributes “Strategic”, “Innovative”, “Bold” and “Committed”.

The six notes melody of the sonic logo expresses expertise and confidence while providing a sense of welcoming.

In addition, the layering of a soft sound of a music box with a glockenspiel that is bright and penetrating highlight the innovative spirit of the Chamber.

As for the sonic theme, the brilliant and powerful sound of the trumpet reveals the boldness and pride in championing the intersection of economic growth and social justice.

Furthermore, human voices and hand claps emphasizes the commitment and human touch of the brand to foster meaningful relationships amongst member businesses and corporate partners.

Benefit | Results

The Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce’s new sonic identity can be used on its own for any sonic digital touch points or in synergy with the new visual identity. 

A first adaptation was made for a video presenting the work that they have done the past year. 

 The sonic identity will be progressively applied to the sonic touch points of the Chamber.

Grace Moreno, Executive Director of the Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce, spoke about the process of working with OJC Artisan of Sound:

As a newer business-oriented organization, it was critical that we launch our brand with the utmost professionalism and the best cutting-edge strategies available. OJC Artisan of Sound participated in our brand discovery meetings and really paid attention to our mission and values in order to come up with our brand’s sonic identity. We couldn’t be happier with the final product; the sonic identity OJC developed captures everything about us, from “bold” to “innovative” to “strategic” to “committed”. Our global corporate partners and others have been VERY impressed, and we highly recommend OJC to them and all other organizations looking for a way to differentiate their business.

Grace MorenoExecutive Director of the Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce

Sonic logo

Video Adaptation

OJC Artisan of Sound

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