Case Study:


Kidsprojects is an interactive digital platform that enables children ages 7 and up to participate in the exploration, practice, and development of soft skills around the world.

The platform requires the use of audio elements while kids progress through the various stages of the app. OJC Artisan of Sound saw an opportunity to craft a series of unique sounds to drive kids interest and move them into the moment.

Our proprietary audio audit revealed additional opportunities for Kidsprojects to use music as a powerful marketing tool.

A decision was made to create their sonic identity that would serve not only their app but also various other audio communication touchpoints like videos and presentations.


The brand’s discovery phase defined the core focus and the personality of Kidsprojects as being empowering, cooperative, nurturing and friendly.

This led us to sculpt their unique sound by incorporating:

  • A lively tempo and vibrant sounds to bring a positive and friendly energy that captures the passion and belief in the Kidsprojects offering.
  • Plucky and high-pitched sounds to translate this wondrous journey where kids ignite ideas and turn them into concrete projects.
  • Clicking and metallic sounds to encourage them to take action and stimulate the learning process.

The app has no boundary and is dedicated to kids, parents and educators from all over the world. In this regard, OJC Artisan of Sound finally chose the flute as the main instrument for its universality.

Benefit | Results

Kidsprojects is in the process of rolling out their newly created sonic identity through all their sonic touch points, starting with a 60 seconds app overview video.

Further adaptations are in the process of being developed, notably a series of brief audio signals – earcons – to ultimately bring a pleasant brand experience while navigating through the app.

The creative process, with the use of internal powerful tools, helped us get to the bottom of the brand attributes, thus forcing our listening committee to clarify what really matters. OJC struck the right balance between a collaborative and guided process. They knew how we would get to the end and kept us in check. They were also very creative in finding a variety of appropriate sonic universes and composing an identity from scratch.

Arnaud SoupaCo-founder of Kidsprojects