Case Study:

The Challenge — The Sound of Social Justice

BBsquared, a Boston-based inclusion, equality, and social justice consulting firm, believes that embracing diversity and fostering inclusion is good for business. In fact, they argue that these principles are key to growth and financial success.

As the firm set out to revamp their digital presence, they partnered with OJC Artisan of Sound to bring a fresh audio expression to their brand.

Our Solution — Connecting Communities through Sound

We began the audio branding process by exploring the company’s values and attributes before embarking on a workshop series to define their unique sound.

Inspired by the firm’s community-driven values and collaborative nature, OJC composed a soundscape to translate the spirit of togetherness, closeness, and connectivity.

The positive, confident and engaging sound of a delayed bright piano, along with chopped voices, highlights BBsquared’s passion for approaching projects with their heart and soul.

Results — Unique Brand: Diverse Sound

OJC crafted an uplifting and inviting sonic identity for BBsquared to embody the fresh perspective and unique approach they bring to their diversity and inclusion efforts.

Creating a sonic identity for BBsquared has been one of the most fascinating and fulfilling processes to experience as a small innovative consultancy. Olivier has a knack for inspiring and facilitating a creative space that exudes organic discovery through a completely enjoyable roadmap of action steps that yield one’s perfect audio footprint. I’d recommend the unique journey, and OJC, to any company wanting to take their brand to the next level!

Sean DriscollPrincipal at BBsquared