Case Study:
La Meringaie

Challenge – Capturing The Essence of Bistronomy Through Sound

Following the concept of “single pastry” products, La Meringaie’s artisanal team managed to create a temple dedicated to one of the most iconic pastry of Parisian culture — the meringue and a signature desert,pavlova.

Until today, the musical universe of La Meringaie, a contemporary patisserie with three locations in the heart of Paris, failed to capture its joyful essence. After all, La Meringaie is much more than a patisserie — rather, it embodies the pure delight that comes only from coming together with loved ones over a fresh pavlova.

“Music on the cheap isn’t good branding,” says Benoit Bardon, Co-Founder of La Meringaie. “Relying on stock music libraries is most likely using someone else’s music. Would you build your brand’s visual identity using stock images? Certainly not.”

Our challenge was to embody the essence of this unique, contemporary Parisian patisserie through a unique sound journey, sending listeners on an adventure that touched all five senses in a manner only possible upon stepping foot in La Meringaie.

Our Solution – Emulating The Heartbeat Of A Patisserie

At OJC Artisan of Sound, we set out to translate the soul of La Meringaie, and the deeply personal experience of indulgence through food, into a moving soundscape that brings patrons right back to their most cherished memories at the patisserie.

We began, of course, at the heart of La Meringaie itself, its pavlova.

Crispy on the outside, unimaginably moist on the inside, and topped with a feather-light whipped cream beneath a medley of fresh seasonal fruits, the patisserie’s signature pastry brings an irresistible playfulness to its brand, a feeling we aimed to capture and emulate through sound.

The subtle reverberation of a whisk beating batter set the rhythm of our sonic theme, calling to mind the skillful hands of La Meringaie’s pastry chef, fluttering around the kitchen with equal parts elegance and mastery.

We then wove in the clear and bright timber of a piano’s high notes to signify the metallic sounds of clattering baking utensils, while soft and airy vocals reinforced a lightness, simple and delicate, just like the pavlova itself.

Results: A Moving Sonic Groundwork

We set out to capture the essence of this playful, airy, and bustling patisserie in the heart of Paris, and by layering sound atop the incredible sensory experience patrons feel upon entering La Meringaie, the resulting sonic logo and sonic theme did just that.

OJC’s sonic identity will act as the groundwork from which La Meringaie will build powerful brand associations through sound. The brand’s first project, set to release in May of 2020, will include a video, launching on 123Pavlova, a soft meringue to make your pavlova at home, available in Monoprix stores, a major high-end French retail chain.

Working with OJC Artisan of Sound was a rewarding experience. We felt totally involved as a team from the very first meeting to the delivery of our sonic identity. They provided us with ongoing support though the creative process. La Meringaie’s sound is fresh and unique and we are really proud of it.

Benoit BardonCo-founder of La Meringaie